Tuning Projects: “Like The Wolf in Sheep Disguise” – Volkswagen Golf R by GMP Performance

Our Glimpse: “Like The Wolf in Sheep Disguise”

Tuner: GMP Performance

Vehicle: 2012 Volkswagen Golf  Mk.VI R 2.0T

New Stuff: K40 radar, APR stage 3 turbo kit, APR intercooler, DXD stage 3 clutch, Blistein coil-overs, VWR sway bars, upgraded fuel pump, PowreFlex lower mount insert, VWR motor mounts, Brembo brakes and HRE P40 SC wheels

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GMP Performance Golf R (5)

GMP Performance Golf R (9)

Press release by GMP Performance:

GMP Performance Presents 2012 Volkswagen Golf R!

What do you get when you mix a Volkswagen, some of the top-in-their-class manufacturers, GMP Performance and a customer who wants to make a super fast car even faster? A Golf R that is practically a rocket ship. From its APR Stage III Turbo kit down to its HRE wheels and Michelin tires, we went for a “go big or go home!’ approach to this build. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about being presented with opportunities like this.
We started straight in with the performance upgrades first. With Volkswagen, there is no one better to go to than APR. VAG vehicles are their specialty and it shows in the quality of their parts. We wanted this super-R to be fitted with the best so to APR we went, grabbing up a Stage III Turbocharger, front mount intercooler, and upgraded, high pressure fuel pump. A Carbonio Cold Air Intake was added to keep the car breathing and Volkwagen Racing engine mounts to stabilize all that additional power and we were ready to move on to the next, very crucial step in performance: drive train and suspension.
DXD Clutches are some of the most popular clutches among VW and Audi owners and with good reason. Strong and reliable, they are designed not only for your car’s power capabilities, but also for the purpose of the car. With the choice of daily, endurance, and drag, this Golf R was fitted with a Stage III daily configuration, a clutch that concentrates on keeping an OE feel but with increased benefits. To take full advantage of the new smoothness of the clutch, we also installed a great short shifter kit that would be light, precise and responsive.

 When it came to suspension, our customer particularly wanted a kit that would allow for height adjustment. The Bilstein PSS Coilover kit covers that excellently. The PSS system will allow him to set the R to an ideal height for whatever he’s tackling that day. With progressive rate springs and monotube gas pressure shocks, the kit promises better heat dissipation, optimum ride comfort, greater stability, and better road handling. For additional stability, especially when using the car for a bit of fun, front and rear adjustable swaybars from Volkswagen Racing were set up. When VWR developed their swaybars, they wanted them to be efficient upgrades for anything from a daily driver to a full on race car. Thus these bars significantly stiffen the cornering response characteristics without sacrificing comfort and were perfect for this Golf R, which would be demanding both.

 For a stock Golf R, good brakes are important. For a Golf R with all the power upgrades we did with this project, good brakes became crucial! We knew Brembo was the best place to go. Their big brake kits are second to none when you need supreme braking. Their kits are designed to give you the advanced technology and performance of their racing systems but with comfort and driveability for your daily driving as well. From the calipers to the rotors, each component is engineered to offer the most optimum performance available and we knew they were the greatest choice for the job.

 With all this go, we needed some show. And what is the most effective way to get great looks in a quick swap? Wheels! HRE provided us with a set of P40SC wheels, a monoblock wheel that is lightweight, strong, and gorgeous. Designed for street performance cars and made from aerospace-grade forged aluminum for both high strength and low weight, HRE developed these wheels with a racing mentality; they needed to ensure enhanced braking, acceleration and handling while also reflecting a distinguished sense of style. We knew we needed to match wheels of this caliber with a tire that would be strong both on the street and strong on the track. Michelins always offer exceptional performance that can be relied on and we went to a favorite of ours: Michelin Pilot Super Sports. The Pilot Super Sport is a tire that uses all the technical knowledge and expertise Michelin has gained through their motorsports teams, delivered directly to you so you can conquer the asphalt, no matter where you are.

This car was now powerful, agile, and eye-catching, which meant we had one last upgrade to add and this was one of security. We installed a K40 RL Radar Detector System, a discreet and effective system we knew would help this customer to avoid speeding tickets in his new street-rocket. The K40 is a great system that is invisible with the exception of two small LED lights in the cabin that warn you of possible threats in the area.  With the speeding tickets it can save you, it’ll practically pay for itself!

This Golf R is a beast, from the ground up, and ready to tackle anything and everything it can have thrown at it. With serious power, extreme performance, superior handling, excellent braking, and snazzy looks to boot, we turned this R into the Super R it deserves to be! The customer is ecstatic and more than anything, that is our ultimate goal for the end result of
all of our projects here.

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