The Sweetest Thing | BMW Z4 by Carlex Design

CCM Glimpse: “The Sweetest Thing”

Company: Carlex Design

Vehicle: BMW Z4

New Stuff:

Exterior: pearl white exterior, double-spoke alloy wheels, cherry red BMW badges

Interior: red & black Alcantara,  red stitching on seats, steering wheel, door panels, carbon fibre details on steering wheel, console and dashboard

A Few Words from Carlex Design

Z4 Red Carbonic – When the BMW Z4 arrived at our studio, there was only one assumption – We decided to go into a sporty style with carbon and alcantara. So, we created a project with lots of alcantara and leather in carbon optic.
Then, our project team took the first sketches highlighting the aggressive lines of the Z4. They have created a unique design, a combination of lines, textures and contrasts between black and red color. Both, the exterior and interior design created by Carlex Design complement each other, where the deep purring sound of the BMW’s engine gives a thrilling pleasure,sending chills down the spine! There we go ! The interior has become another provocative element to drive the car faster and faster.

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