Pure Gunpowder! | Porsche 991on LOMA® Exclusive Wheels

CCM Glimpse: “Pure Gunpowder!”

Vehicle: Porsche 911 Carrera 991

Wheels: LOMA® Exclusive Wheels | Supertec Series | Front 20×9.0 and Rear 20×12.0 | Dark Gunmetal | Visible Hardware | Step lip with extended spokes (optical effect makes the wheel diameter look 1″ larger)


A Few Words From LOMA® Exclusive Wheels:

Since its introduction in 2013, the new seventh generation Porsche 911 Carrera, known as the 991 Carrera, has consistently set the benchmark worldwide as the perfect sports car. Equal parts track weapon and daily driver, the newest 911 leads the supercar world in terms of its reliability and performance pedigree. Owning one of these special cars uniquely conveys your appreciation for the finer things in life, and is a statement that you are a true driving aficionado. LOMA is proud to feature its LOMA Supertec wheels on the new Porsche 991, an upgrade that adds both increased performance and distinctive style to the vehicle.

In this regard, there is no equal to LOMA Wheels. Your Porsche deserves a special aesthetic touch that only aggressively designed wheels like the LOMA Supertec can deliver. But even more importantly, your Porsche is a high performance car, and the wheels you choose need to be the lightest, strongest, race-proven wheels to truly help squeeze the most out of your cars performance and keep you safe in any driving conditions. Your wheels should also meet or exceed the industry’s highest build quality standard, the German TUV standard. LOMA’s TUV-approved manufacturing process brings the very best of German engineering to your 911 Carrera via any wheel in our collection, and hits a home run with their killer looks, unique designs, and track worthy performance capabilities. We recommend the LOMA Supertec wheel for your Porsche 911.

More Info: LOMA® Exclusive Wheels


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