Success Story – Part 2 | Mercedes Benz SLS by MEC Design

Project: “Success Story – Part 2”

Company: MEC Design

Vehicle: Mercedes Benz SLS

New Stuff: 3-piece front spoiler lip for the original front bumper, rear diffusor for the original rear bumper

MEC Design SLS Success Story – Part 2

MEC Design has for years been the largest SLS R / W197 refining program and has extended this to two ingenious products.

For those customers who thought that the MEC Design full bumper conversion was too much they can now make a subtle but striking addition to the original SLS front and rear bumper.

We offer a 3-piece front spoiler lip for the original front bumper. For the original rear bumper we have a rear diffuser in our popular “Extreme” look. For both products there is no change, amendment required for assembly.

The parts are available immediately and can be purchased individually or as a set; we also offer the products in a carbon finish as well.

More Info: MEC Design


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