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Mercedes Benz SLR by JMS & Piecha (4)

Company: JMS & Piecha

Platform: Mercedes Benz SLR

Project: Avalange GT-R

Aero Kit: big  air intakes in front bumper with air blades and integrated LED daytime running light, side air intakes in front bumper divided in the middle with continued running daylight stripes, “widebody” side skirts, LED door sill lights, large side fins, hood fins, completely redesigned rear fascia with integrated trapezoidal exhaust tips, rear deck lid spoiler

Handling: new wheels (9,5×20″ front /11×20″ back ), lowering by 25 mm

Mercedes Benz SLR by JMS & Piecha (5)

Official Press Release by JMS:

PIECHA SL R 231 Avalange GT-R Bodykit, wheels, exhaust and more

JMS salespartner worldwide from piecha mercedes tuning present the new styling & performance kit for the sl R231

The SL Avalange GT -R from the house PIECHA shows at first glance that groundbreaking changes to the current SL R231 series have been made. Futuristic drawn and advances to a real sports car.

The design line results in a completely new vehicle appearance. A perfectly balanced collection with a new design , consisting of high-quality materials and distinctive details.

The big  air intakes in the front bumper (€ 3570) with air blades and integrated LED daytime running lights makes real design . Side air intakes in the front bumper are divided in the middle with the continued running daylight stripes.

The side skirts ( € 2090 ) are designed very athletic and have the vehicle design as a widebody version appear. Optional evaluates the LED door sill lights (298 euros ) in addition, the appearance of the SL Avalange and let these brightly illuminate at night

A unique feature of prestige for significantly more sportiness are the long and larger sized side fins continue their extensions on the front fenders far into the doors. On the hood of also more sportive Finns . In the 12 – piece finn set ( 1547 euros ) can the customer choose from three different color versions: Black High Gloss , Galvanosilber and Shadow Graphite Matt.

The wheel and tire combinations – after extensive driving tests – aware of the 20 ” rims favors. In connection with a lowering by around 25 mm ( 499 euros ) is achieved a significantly better driving performance .

Piecha fit his mp 1 wheel in wheel /tyrecombination in the size 9,5×20 front /11×20 back with 25530R20 and 305/25R20 tyres (3190 Euro). No body work needed with this sizes.

Another highlight is the completely redesigned rear ( in 2975 euros ) of SL Avalange GT -R. The PIECHA of many years ago as a striking design feature launched rear diffusers are expertly the SL Avalange GT -R , perfect design with the double- trapezoidal exhaust tips (573 Euro ) has been integrated.

On the rear you will find a new designed decklid spoiler (785 Euro), which is easy to mount with glue.

For a real good exhaust sound piecha offer two versions. One street legal version incl. middle
mufflers (2150 Euro) and racing version without middle muffler (1980 Euro).

All parts with german engineering and production.

Mercedes Benz SLR by JMS & Piecha (2)

Mercedes Benz SLR by JMS & Piecha (3)

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