Devilish, Mean and Aggressive | Mercedes Benz CLA by RevoZport

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CCM Glimpse: “Devilish, Mean and Aggressive”

Company: RevoZport

Platform: Mercedes Benz CLA Series

Project: “RZA-290” Upgrade Package

Aero Kit: front add-on splitter, a pair of canards, side skirts, lightweight carbon bonnet, a 4 element back diffuser with 3D underspoiler and 3 different kind of trunk spoilers (RZA Ducklip Trunk Spoiler, RZA GT Spoiler, RZA Carbon Trunk with Integrated Hydraulic Spoiler)

Performance: ECU Upgrade, Aluminum Pedal Shift, Ttianium Exhaust



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Mercedes Benz CLA by RevoZport (5)

Mercedes Benz CLA by RevoZport (1)

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At the beginning of 2013, RevoZport have started the project code RZA-290 for the W176 A Class and focused to design a set of complete aerokit that will echo the near perfectly shaped of the AMG A Class to an even more devilish, mean and aggressive machine. It has proven to be a huge success throughout the world and have been praised as the best looking aftermarket aerokit for the A Class.

Just short of 6 months, Mercedes announced the CLA class which completely dominated the market with back order of over 18 months in some countries. RevoZport have thus continue the RZA-290 design and apply the same pedigree for its siblings. The RZA-290 for CLA Class aerokit features a front add-on splitter, a pair of canard to generate more down force, side skirts that helps side wind down force and a lightweight carbon bonnet. The back, where the beauty of the CLA lies, is a revised carbon 4 element diffuser with a 3D underspoiler.

RevoZport have always been innovative and offer 3 different kind of trunk spoiler.

  • RZA Ducklip Trunk Spoiler

  • RZA GT Spoiler

  • RZA Carbon Trunk with Integrated Hydraulic Spoiler

For the first time ever in the aftermarket tuning industry a company to offer a complete trunk with actuated trunk spoiler. This is definitely one of a kind and a nice feature to have. “We didn’t want to spoil the design of the CLA sleek look, so we offer 3 options for customer to choose and the one I personally love most is a simple but a bit more aggressive ducklip spoiler which will adjust its angle according to the speed” said RevoZport’s MD Charles W.

Performance upgrades (Available for CLA 180,200,250,260 & AMG CLA45) are as followed;

  • ECU Upgrade

  • Aluminum Pedal Shift

  • Ttianium Exhaust

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Mercedes Benz CLA by RevoZport (2)

Mercedes Benz CLA by RevoZport (4)

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