UNDISPUTED | McLaren P1 by SR AuotGroup


Company: SR AutoGrouop

Vehicle: McLaren P1

Wheels: PUR Wheels | LX15 Series | 19×9.5, 20×12 | Gloss Monaco Gold

A Few Words From SR AutoGroup:


The undisputed talk of the town is certainly this highly publicized Mclaren P1. Since its arrival earlier this year, we have been waiting for the perfect moment to reveal its new look. When it comes to out of the box supercars, we feel that they deserve out of the box wheels to match that untouchable quality they have. This is where the PUR LX15 comes into play. Finished in high gloss monaco gold, the wheels are definitely striking enough to hold its own against the P1. We’ve heard the comments and of course this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but nothing in this world is meant to please everyone. All we can do is continue to move forward and bring you something new at each corner.

More Info: SR AutoGroup


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