For All Of Us | Porsche Macan Ursa by TopCar

CCM Glimpse:” For All Of Us”

Company: TopCar

Vehicle: Porsche Macan Ursa

New Stuff: aerodynamic kit consist of a new front bumper, front lip, expanders hood, side skirts, front fenders, rear bumper and diffuser, rear spoiler and more. All is made from carbon fibre.

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Press Release:

Traditionally, the TOPCAR works with Porsche cars and offers a range of aerodynamic body kits for Cayenne, Panamera, 911 models. And at the moment we are happy to announce that our company is the first in the world tuning company, which implemented its project for the Porsche Macan.
URSA body kit designed to be installed on all versions of the Porsche Macan. The cost of the kit: Kit with carbon detailing: 16 080 Euro Kit with detail for painting: 12 680 Euro

The aerodynamic kit includes the following items: Front bumper, Front lip, Expanders hood, Side skirts, Front fenders with air ducts and logo, Expanders rear doors, Fender extensions rear, Rear bumper, Rear bumper diffuser, Rear spoiler bottom, Rear spoiler top, Grilles in the front bumper, Insert in hood.

All elements of the body kits are made of carbon and kevlar by vacuum forming technology. This technology ensures the highest quality parts. Details are set without adjustment in the regular places.

The TOPCAR offers its customers a programs to improve engine power, individual design projects for interior and ultra-light forged wheels ADV.1 .

The first car will be presented at the Moscow International Motor show 2014, which will be held from August 27 to September 7, Crocus Expo, Moscow.


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