Yellow is Magic | Ferrari F430 on Rennen Wheels

CCM Glimpse: “Yellow is Magic”

Vehicle: Ferrari F430 with tuned engine,  Tubi Exhaust system and Novitec aero parts | done by  Status Motoring

Wheels: Rennen International Wheels R55 SeriesWith Steplip X Concave Hook Lip


A Few Words From Rennen Forged Wheels:

Rennen International Performance R55 Wheels With Steplip X Concave Hook Lip

Rennen International, the top creator in forged wheels, is proud to present the new Yellow 430 with Rennen R55 Wheels that include a special collaboration from Status Motoring in Ridgefield, New Jersey. The main priority for this type of forged wheels was showcasing the Concave and hooklip wheel while pairing them with a slick, brush-tinted and high-polished step lip, and matching the yellow stencil that combines with the sleek, polished look of a sports car like Ferrari.

The Rennen Forged wheel has received a 430 Front carbon front and side fiber skirts —courtesy of Novitech—, with rear diffusers complementing the Tubi Exhaust system. Inside the engine, Fabspeed carbon intakes and highflow cats are lowered for functionality, innovation, and special fitting for the Rennen Forged wheel.

Rennen Forged are Forged Wheels that are Manufactured in USA.

More Info: Rennen Wheels


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