BMW Z4 M Coupe by GMP Performance – “Fall For Z4”

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Our Glimpse: “Fall For Z4”

Company: GMP Performance

Car: 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe

Power Upgrades: Vortech V3Si supercharger with a high-capacity front mount intercooler, cast aluminum intake manifold and an ECU upgrade bumps the engine up to 525 horsepower.

Other Technical Novelties: Bilstein PSS10 kit, Turner Motorsports strut brace,  lightweight clutch and flywheel combo from UUC and Supersprint race style exhaust system

Interior: entire dash and center console wrapped in carbon fiber



BMW Z4 M Coupe by GMP Performance (11)

BMW Z4 M Coupe by GMP Performance (6)

BMW Z4 M Coupe by GMP Performance (7)

BMW Z4 M Coupe by GMP Performance (10)

BMW Z4 M Coupe by GMP Performance (12)

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The letter M has little significance on its own, but when you pair it with the BMW brand you know you are in for stellar performance. The M line of cars is well respected throughout the world for its excellent performance and top-notch engineering. Despite this, there is always room for improvement. The owner of this Z4M coupe wanted more. We gladly brought this BMW M to the next level with an ESS supercharger and a few other aftermarket treats.

 With supercharged power on the to do list, we went to ESS Tuning for a kit to really boost this BMW to new levels. Utilizing a Vortech V3Si supercharger along with a high-capacity front mount intercooler, cast aluminum intake manifold and an ECU upgrade, it covers several of the most important power-producing elements. All this combined and it can bump the Z4 M up to 525 horsepower and 340 foot-pounds of torque, impressive numbers for such a small, zippy car.

 A comfortable ride is a must no matter how much power is underneath the hood but once you add a tracking element in, what you demand out of your suspension changes. With a Bilstein PSS10 kit, this Z4 would be covered for both, as the shocks in this kit are adjustable and offer the options of comfort or competition.

 The customer didn’t want to go much farther than BMW for this coupe’s outward appearance. He brought us BMW’s own factory M3 CSL wheels to mount and balance on a set of Michelin Super Sport tires. Teamed with the new lower stance from the Bilstein coilovers, it really defines this car: stunning yet unassuming…until it starts to move.

With competition in mind, the Z4 M was also equipped with a strut brace, courtesy of Turner Motorsports. This will be extremely helpful keeping traction when this car tackles even the hardest of corners, be it at the track and even on the street.

 Upgraded power in the engine means upgraded power in the clutch. We chose a lightweight clutch and flywheel combo from UUC that was specifically designed for the Z4 M. Paired with a short shifter kit, also from UUC, these will entirely revamp the way every shift feels in this beast.

The interior got a little extra pizzazz as well. Previously wood trim everywhere you looked, it was time for a more sleek and streamlined appearance. The entire dash and center console were removed to be wrapped in carbon fiber, proving once again, that even the smallest of changes can make a big difference.

  We wanted to be sure this incredible coupe had one last thing: an awesome exhaust to fit the rest of the car. With a race style exhaust system from Supersprint, it now has a sound to match the excellence that radiates from bumper to bumper. Just a little something special to listen to for everyone behind this BMW, watching its tail lights disappear up the road ahead.

Some say you can never improve on an M. We say challenge accepted. In the case of this BMW Z4 M Coupe, we think the challenge was a success. Significantly faster, smoother ride quality, excellent handling and a sound to draw a crowd, this car has it all and then some. At the track or on the street, it’s prepared for it all and will do it with flair as it zooms by.




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