Drift Away Blues | BMW M6 by GMP Performance


BMW M6 by GMP Performance

CCM Glimpse: “Drift Away Blues”

Company: GMP Performance

Vehicle: 2013 BMW M6

New Stuff: Akrapovic titanium system, H&R springs

Wheels: HRE Wheels | S101 Series | Michelin’s Pilot Sport tires


GMP Performance Presents 2013 BMW M6! 


The new M6 is a vehicle with an appearance that packs such a powerful punch from the very beginning. So when we received word that we would get the chance to work with one at our shop, we immediately went to feverishly making plans. We quickly decided on the three top factors that would play a part in this build: wheels, ride height, and sound.


Our customer wanted a deeper, aggressive sound and Akrapovic’s beautiful titanium system was just waiting for the chance to show its might. The system weighs less, looks great with a flash of carbon from the tailpipes, and sounds fantastic, showcasing a growl that catches your ears long before the car catches your eyes.


 No build at GMP would be complete without some new wheels and this M6 got its stunning style boost from the experts at HRE Wheels. Their S101 was the perfect wheel to accent the gorgeous design of the BMW and highlight the new lower stance. Teamed with Michelin’s Pilot Sport tires and H&R springs, this beast of a Bimmer is ready to rip apart the streets of Charlotte.


GMP Performance

BMW M6 by GMP Performance

BMW M6 by GMP Performance

BMW M6 by GMP Performance

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