BMW M3 on Rennen Wheels

 Vehicle: BMW M3

Wheels: Rennen Wheels | MV6 style | 17×9 front, 17×10 rear

In the beginning there was the M1 and since it was quite successful, besides all it was the first practical supercar ever built, BMW started to produce M versions of their production cars and one of the most representative M’s of the 80’s was undoubtedly the 3 series. The box shaped body, rear wheel drive and fantastic corner handling were just a few of the features that this small saloon gave us. Who wouldn’t want one?

To this day the passion for the original M3 is far from vanished, there are still a lot of enthusiats out there. Rennen wheels met one them and equipped his legend with a set of MV6 wheels in 17×9 and 17×10 staggered setup. What about the car? Here are some copy- pasted modifications done: the original S14 motor was replaced with the S52 motor from the later model E36 helping the owner gain some quick horsepower while also adding an intake, headers and a custom Borla exhaust. the seats have been wrapped in a beautiful black leather. The original headlights were removed and replaced with e code headlights, in addition also added an evo spoiler to increase the downforce. Some pretty cool stuff…

And what can I say about this project? Give me a moustache, give me a permed mullet, a packet of Camels and a Scorpions tape and give me a ticket to Nurburgring. The car is the Rudi Voller of automotive world, the asphalt version of Jon Bon Jovi, the road going F14 from the Top Gun movie. The BMW M3 is my stereotype of the 80’s- poor of style, rich of passion, and it comes with a big bag of fun… pure, analog, carefree fun.

More Info: Rennen Wheels

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