Going Above And Beyond | BMW M3 by SR AutoGroup

Project: “Going Above And Beyond”

Company: SR AutoGroup

Vehicle: BMW M3

Wheels: PUR Wheels | LX12, 19×10.5, 19×12 | Matte Black Diamond Face, Gloss Candy Red Lip

Exterior: Liberty Walk Widebody

A Few Words From SR AutoGroup:

Going Above And Beyond

Well it’s official, we have on our hands the very first convertible Liberty Walk M3 in Vancouver. This over the the top widebody is now known worldwide for its extremely intense flares that give it that signature look. The flares themselves allow the M3 run wider than normal wheels with offsets that are deep into the negatives. With that said, the PUR LX12′s were selected for its custom three piece configuration. To add a extra sense of wow, the wheels were finish with a matte black diamond face and a gloss candy red lip. The pop of color from the lip pairs perfectly with the vibrant red Dinan calipers.

Source: SR AutoGroup




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