Blue Sugar | Bentley GT on Rennen Wheels

CCM Glimpse: “Blue Sugar”

VehicleBentley GT W-12

Wheels: Rennen Wheels | RL S6 Style | Forged |  black gloss windows and machined brushed center

A Few Words From Rennen Wheels: 

Rennen Forged RL S6 Wheels for Enhanced Performance

Rennen Forged, a wheel manufacture in the USA, specializes in customizing and fitting wheels for every vehicle. The company tops the wheel industry in engineering, technology and innovative new designs.

The Bentley W-12 GT, is a very nice ride, but adding the Rennen Forged RL S6 multi-spoke wheels to it truly brought out its potential. These concave forged wheels with the same factory tire setup by Pirelli, makes upgrading these wheels on the Bentley a no brainer. It maintains a very nice ride, since these Forged wheels fit perfectly like OEM, but lighter than the factory wheels and aesthetically more eye catching than the original. These forged wheels are finished with black gloss windows and machined brushed center, which is the hot new look today.

The Bentley W-12 motor is one powerful machine. The twin turbo 6.0 Liter engine can run zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds flat and tops out at 189 miles per hour on the track. Having a motor like the Bentley W-12, the Rennen Forged RL S6 are the performance wheels needed to compliment it.
Find out from your local Rennen Forged dealer more about this setup and info on the Rennen Forged RL S6.

More Info: Rennen Wheels


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