Coupe Massif | Bentley GT on Rennen International Wheels

CCM Glimpse: “Coupe Massif”

Vehicle: Bentley GT

Wheels: Rennen International Wheels | Blue Label RS7 Concave Monoblock wheel | machined in matte silver | 22″ x 9 (front), 22″ x 10.5 (rear)

A Few Words From Rennen International Wheels:

The stunning red Bentley GT is enhanced by the Rennen Blue Label RS7 Concave Monoblock wheel, manufactured by Rennen International, a leading player in automobile artistry. The RS7 wheels, machined in matte silver, are 22 x 9 in the front, with a rear stagger setup of 22 x 10.5. The Bentley GT can move unbelievably fast with its 6.0 Liter W12 Cylinders. This Bentley ranks as a powerful coupe at 552 horsepower straight from the factory.

RS7 Concave Monoblock Wheels, alloy wheels, are custom wheels in high demand and short supply. Rennen Blue Label RS7 provides ultimate strength and quality due to the monoblock design. All wheels can be customized to fit any variety of car.

The desired stance of the car is assisted by lowering links. The wheels are 22s and gives this gorgeous Bentley a high-end, sporty look. Its luxury appeal is enhanced by carbon fiber trims, making this car a sought-after rarity.

More Info: Rennen International


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