Clean is an Understatement… | Audi R8 by SR AutoGroup

CCM Glimpse: “Clean is an Understatement…”

Company: SR AutoGroup

Vehicle: Audi R8

Suspension: H&R Lowering Springs g S

Wheels: PUR Wheels | RS06 Series | 20×9, 20×11 | Satin Silver

A Few Words From SR AutoGroup:

Clean is an understatement when describing this Audi R8. The combination of the wheels and exterior does not scream for attention yet it is ultimately stunning together. The simplicity of the PUR RS06 creates a mature and well focused appeal that transcends the test of time. Whether its today, tomorrow or five years from now, this R8 will still be a head turner. Now, let’s sit back and admire this beautiful machine.

More Info: SR AutoGroup


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