True Treasure | A. Kahn Land Rover Series I done by Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead


CCM Glimpse: “True Treasure”

Company: A. Kahn Design

Vehicle: Land Rover Series I

New Stuff: a complete restoration done by Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead

Press Release by A. Kahn Design: 

With only just 39,000 ever made, the Land Rover Series I is a national treasure brimming with automotive pride.

Born in 1948 it went on to conquer the world. With only just 39,000 ever made, this British icon was featured on Channel 4’s For The Love of Cars, starring Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead, a close friend and business partner of Afzal Kahn.

Philip and Ant found and restored this particular Land Rover Series I which had been sitting in a barn, un-driven, for over 41 years. At a subsequent auction it was snapped up by Afzal Kahn.

Complete with a small 1.6-litre petrol engine, three seats squeezed within the interior, canvas hood and single windscreen wiper, the original Land Rover.

More Info: A. Kahn Design



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